The Find: Sacred Cafe was started by two New Zealanders desperate to bring antipodean coffee to London.... so far they've managed to bring their kiwi-coffee love to 5 London destinations.... these guys are certainly doing something right.

Their original store is on Ganton Street (Just off Carnaby Street) - with other branches at Highbury Studios, Westfield Shopping Centre, Kingly Court and Torrington Street.

When you walk in, you'll notice Sacred's religious theme... the spiritual artifacts will keep your mind engaged wherever you sit (upstairs, downstairs or next to the stone Buddha)

The coffee machine (a Marzocco) has pride of place on a wooden pulpit.... which emphasises the importance they place on their coffee....

Other than their rapid expansion, their success also stretches to the media... they have achieved several Timout Magazine nominations (finalist two years running for Best Cafe in London) .... obviously a clear fave with the critics...

If coffee is your religion.... head to Sacred.

Other branches: Highbury Studios, Westfield, Covent Garden, Kingly Court, Torrington Street

Where: Ganton Street, Off Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9BL

Other info: website: