Wellington CoffeeThe Find: Unless "in the know", this place is easy to miss. Forget your shopping for a minute and head for the corner of George Street, scoot down underneath Penhaligons shop and you'll find Wellington Coffee.

As you walk into this caffiene fuelled den, you'll be welcomed by Jazzy cafe music and the aroma of flippin' fresh beans... you're bound to stay for a cup. Inside, it seats about 15 on bar stools and bench seating and although simple, the decor is well considered. A mural behind the bar draws the eye, as does the well polished Synesso machine on the counter.

You'll find the usual coffee-shop menu here along with your flat whites and your long blacks (of course!). Their tea looks good (ginger and lemongrass, orange and vanilla) as does the food (soup, croissants, paninis, cakes and breakfast rolls). The food on offer is kept super-simple so not to detract from the real deal on offer here.... the coffee.

The staff here are excellent, as are the beans (from Square Mile)

Grab yourself a loyalty card folks - you'll be back.

Where: 33a George Street, Edinburgh

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