The Find: Wild and Wood Coffee on New Oxford Street certainly deserves a mention.

A couple of things will catch your eye.... the black board outside stating "We serve Monmouth Coffee" (horrah) and the tempting arrangement of cake-iness in the window (sourced from Clarke's)

Now walk in....

Ok it's small... But lets not judge on size. The arrangement of the tables is vaguely similar to Monmouth's Covent Garden store - with small wooden tables squeezed into every corner. To your left as you walk in is "The Nook" - a cosy arrangement of tables seating 6 at best.

All in all, the interior is charming and authentic. However, the layout isn't immediately welcoming if you pop in for a take-away.... there is no counter or obvious place to stand whilst you wait.... so maybe pay the extra and sit inside for what it's worth.

The coffee is good..... Monmouth beans and jersey milk of course make a nice combination. However it's one of those places where it depends who serves you as to what your coffee will be like.... pick the right girl/guy and you won't complain....

They are still new - so there are a few teething problems with balancing take-away orders with drinking-in orders. But give them time... there is lots of potential here....

Where: 1 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BA

Other info: http://www.wildandwoodcoffee.co.uk/