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*NEWS* Prufrock Leather Lane branch is now open and can be found at 23-25 Leather Lane London EC1N 7TE. Super close to Farringdon Station (Feb 2011) The review below is for the original Prufrock which is still going strong on Shoredich High Street:

Finding Prufrock Coffee isn't easy. But once you find it you'll be bursting with pre-caffiene-intake glee.
 Prufrock Coffee, London
Prufrock Coffee can be found at 140 Shoredich High Street, in a men's clothing shop called Present. But it doesn't have a sign for either. Instead, look for the Golden Horn Cigarette Company, and you'll be laughing.

This is the latest creation of Gwilym Davies, the highly regarded coffee genius (aka World Barista Champ 2009) and his Sweedish counterpart Mattias Bjorklund (Swedish Barista Champ 2009) - what a pair!

Beans are roasted by James, Annette and the gang at Square Mile. The Menu is a mere 8 points long - flat white, latte, cappuccino, cortado, espresso, macchiato, long black and coffee beans 350g. Not a panini in sight.

Seats, what seats. Just perch on the bench outside if you need to rest your limbs. This place isn't about long drawn out afternoons in a comfy leather sofa. It's about coffee.

Promoting all thats good about indie coffee in London, Gwilym has launched a "Dis-loyalty Card". Make sure you pick up one of these much talked about cards and go and get your stamps at the best East-End coffee institutions. You'll be rewarded for your efforts with a free coffee at Prufrock.

After your coffee prehaps pick up a nice new pair of Happy Socks or a Nigel Cabourn Shirt. There's lovely.

Where: 140 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JE and 23-25 Leather Lane London EC1N 7TE

Other info: Prufrock is here
Email the coffee guys at

Gwilym can also be found here