The Find: You'll find the Bottle Kiln nestled between Nottingham and Derby on the A609 in a town called West Hallam. Housed in a beautifully restored historic building, The Bottle Kiln is a crafty venue combining a cafe with an art gallery, craft shop and Japanese tea rooms.

The dining is canteen-style where you grab a tray and collect your food at the counter. You can then choose between a variety of seats in several arrangements around the cafe, all very comfortable in a snug kind of way.

The cakes are mind blowing - all handmade on the premesis and an absolute treat to eat. Similarly, the quiches and pies are unbelievably delicious... and well worth the drive if you're not a lucky local.

Maxine Beadsmore is the in-house coffee guru at The Bottle Kiln. Making it to the UK Barista Championships Semi's in 2009 she's bringing both coffee know-how and sought after skill to The Bottle Kiln.

Her enthusiasm for coffee appears to be rubbing off on her peers.... all staff attempt latte art and are conscious of making a decent cup. The coffee is good.... and is an important part of what they do here. It's nice to see a place making such an honest effort to make a decent cup.

The staff are lovely and will always indulge in a natter if you're feeling friendly. If you want some quiet time though they have a lovely range of subscription magazines covering topics from food to travel, craft to design. It's the sort of place you'll stay in for hours...

Where: West Hallam, Derbyshire, DE7 6HP

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