The Larder House, Southbourne
The Find: The Larder House in sunny Southbourne has brought this sleepy East Dorset town up a few notches. It's James Fowler who is the man behind this place and what a job he's done.

The food is special - the chefs work the kitchen with pazazz and source their ingredients with pride - there's real bread, amazing pizzas, feasting menus and even wood-fired roast dinners.

Coffee is by no means an after thought. Using beans from Origin in Cornwall and an Astoria machine the well trained baristas work their magic and deliver decent results time after time. Coffees are always well presented - with precise and polished latte art.

Your brew is prepared in a corner of the Larder House dedicated to coffee and tea - the wooden cabinet behind the coffee machine housing a range of coffee and loose leaf tea filled kilner jars is rather pleasing.

Staff are full of energy and enthusiasm which makes the whole Larder House experience a joy.

Good coffee has finally reached this part of the country....

Where: 4 Southbourne Grove, Southbourne, Dorset, Bh6 3QZ

Other info: Open from Tuesday to Saturday (11am til late)

Latest Review: 16th April 2012