The Find: Exciting times at Carnaby folks, the sister venue to Dept of Coffee and Social Affairs is now open.

Speakeasy Espresso London
"Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar" located in a quiet nook just off Carnaby Street, opened today (26th Sept) with "free coffee" all round. What a way to introduce oneself to the coffee-loving puplic...

The staff here are what you'd expect - knowledgable, friendly and well verse in the art of making people feel welcome.

The set up involves ground floor level espresso and a basement level brew-bar which is a novel way to distinguish between the two. Outside seating is an option too - so you can keep a toe in the iconic hustle and bustle of Carnaby. Big windows, sexy pendant lighting and local artwork help create a light and modern coffee haven.

Their espresso blend is roasted by Coffeesmiths, with a feature espresso from some of the UK's best roasters - you know the ones. The brew bar features all the usual shiny things - it's nice to see the cheeky old French Press appearing on the list of options too.

Coffee goers can also partake in cake action, nibble on pastries of all forms and enjoy sandwiches and salads of a lunchtime. Their selection is both pleasing to the eye and to the cake-hole.

Check out their coffee school too http://www.coffeesmithscollective.co.uk/coffeeschool/

This new Westend Speakeasy will be a sure fire hit. No pun intended.

Last reviewed on: 26th September 2011


Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar

3 Lowndes Court
Off Carnaby Street

Other info:

Web: www.speakeasycoffee.co.uk
Fbook: www.facebook.com/speakeasycoffee
Twitter: @_speakeasy_