The Find: Le Bal Cafe is a superb exhibition venue bringing together media in all dimensions with good food and amazing coffee. Parisian coffee has been turned up a notch since the arrival of this place

Located down a tiny passageway, near Place de Clichy, le Bal cafe is well hidden. The space is bright and airy, white and minimalist but with a splash of yellow to jazz things up.

Chefs Alice and Anna (ex-Rose Bakery) aim to bring the taste of Britain to Paris using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The offerings here are pretty spesh.

Not only does the food stand out, the coffee is also top notch. Coffees are mainly espresso-based - all expertly poured. The chemex options are good too.

If you're in Paris, Le Bal is where to get your coffee

6, impasse de la Défense, 
18th Arrondissement, 
Paris. Tel: 
01 44 70 75 56. 

Other info: 
Opening Hours: Wed - Sat : 10am – 11pm, Sunday : 10am - 7pm,
Website: http://en.le-bal.com/fr/category/mh/le-bal-cafe/equipe-bal-cafe/

Last reviewed on: January 3rd 2011